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For almost 100 years ‘The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria’ has supported the welfare of Kastellorizians and Greeks in Victoria.  We are proud of our legacy and the goodwill of our community that is truly committed to the support and welfare of diaspora Kastellorizians, Greeks and the wider community.

We are proud to also support the preservation of Kastellorizian heritage and the continuation of Greek culture as a part of our vibrant multicultural society. This encourages our youth and future generations to continue the traditions of the association in supporting those less fortunate in the spirit of the islands symbol that represents ‘faith, hope and charity’.

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Kastellorizian of the Year, 2022.

We are thrilled to share that Lilliane Gomatos has been announced as Kastellorizian of the Year. We look forward to celebrating her achievements with the Kazzie community at the KOY Gala Dinner on Saturday 15 October.

Lilliane epitomises the importance of grassroots welfare of Kastellorizians and Greeks in Darwin, personifying the spirit of the original Kazzie philotimo – brotherhood. She has been instrumental in preserving and embedding Greek heritage in Darwin, contributing to Australia’s vibrant multicultural society, and she was recognised in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours List for this important work.

Lilliane's legacy and goodwill shown to her community has encouraged family members and inspired others to continue the traditions she established over 20 years ago. Her work and values thus live on through younger generations in their support of the welfare of the wider Greek community, representing the KAV’s ethos of ‘Faith, Hope and Charity'.

By acknowledging Lilliane and her contributions to society, we show that we value those who continue to work at the grassroots level, devoting time and hard work to their communities.

Changing the Life of One Child 2021-2023

The Changing the Life of One Child 2021-2023 project is the KAV’s sustained effort to mentor youth in Kastellorizo over a 3-year commitment. The project is organised by THI Australia in conjunction with The Tipping Point and supports the island’s youth for the 2021-2023 academic years.

In this video, teachers at the Santrape High School in Kastellorizo share the positive impacts that the program is having for students.

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