About Nik Spartels


Nik Spartels is a luxury residential and commercial builder (director of West Point Properties) who has been coming to the club since he was a young boy. He was president of the KAV over 2017 to 2022, and as such was the third generation of Presidents in his family. His grandfather, Nicholas-Michael Spartels, was President in 1945 and 1949, while his father, Michael Spartels, held the role of President through majority of the 90s, for approximately ten years.

The long line of history with the club has allowed him to develop a deep fondness with not only the committee and the building, but the entire Kastellorizian community in Melbourne.

While president, he oversaw the renovation of the KAV’s historic building in South Melbourne and esnured a stable financial position for the association. You can read an article about some of his work as president in The Greek Herald, here.