Kastellorizian Associations – Australian state organisations

1Castellorizian Association of Western Australia Inc
Website: www.cazziewa.org.au  
Visit them on Facebook

 Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.52.04 pmKastellorizian Association of Victoria

3The Castellorizian Association of NSW Limited

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.51.09 pmThe Castellorizian Brotherhood Of South Australia Inc. Megisteus
No website. On Facebook as the Castellorizian Association of South Australia.

5The Kastellorizian Association of Queensland

Australian Kastellorizian National organisations & sites

6Kastellorizian Council of Australia 
National body of Kastellorizians from Australian state organisations that aims to unite organisations and members in common purpose & two yearly national conventions.

Kastellorizian Associations – Australian with international connections

Castellorizo Genealogy Pages & Family History Pages
Research your Kastellorizian ancestry: A Greek family history website with over 47,000 persons of Kastellorizian descent listed in the pages including photos.

Castellorizo History 
A terrific site directed at providing a forum to exchange information, share photographs, submit genealogical information and to connect people worldwide who have Kastellorizian heritage. Please do visit this website!

Empire Patrol Disaster Website
The online story of the Empire Patrol Disaster where 33 Castellorizians died returning home after World War Two. An outstanding site that is being updated regularly with new content from submissions by the public.

Friends of Kastellorizo 
FoK was established to help create a positive future for Kastellorizo recognising our proud heritage and giving something back to the island of our forefathers.” Wonderful organisation focusing on Kastellorizo today.

Kastellorizian Associations – Mainland Greece & Kastellorizo Island

Συνδεσμο Απανταχου Καστελλοριζιων Αγιος Κωνσταντινος (Kastellorizian Pan-Association St Constantine -Athens/Piraeus, Greece)
Address: Kolokotronis 153 & Kantharou, Piraeus 185 36 Tel +30 210 45 17 540
Association of Kastellorizians in Greece who also publish the newspaper ” Kastelloriziaka Nea”. Interesting website in English and Greek.

Dodecansese Federation of Athens – Piraeus

Kastellorizo Greece: island sites and information

Excellent site that contains plenty of information about Kastellorizo.

Your online guide to Greece.

Great overview of the island including travel.

Great informative site.

Local website re accommodation option.

Local website re hotel accommodation option.

Local website re hotel accommodation option.

See also www.Booking.com and www.Trivago.com.au and www.tripadvisor.com re Kastellorizo accommodation options.

Hellenic Associations or Organisations in Victoria

GCM – Greek Community of Melbourne & Victoria

Greek Consulate Melbourne

HACCI – Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Ithacan Philanthropic Society  

Victorian Multicultural Commission www.multicultural.vic.gov.au/resources/community-directory
Comprehensive online guide and search facility to over 160 Greek community organisations and associations in Victoria.


Hellenic Associations – International

Greece Online (“the first online country in the world”)
www.ellines.com – amazing site!

Greek Boston (Latest & Greatest Greek music hits)
www.greekboston.com – feel the music!

HALC – Hellenic American Leadership Council
Impressive site: U.S based diaspora organisation that promotes renewed commitment to civic involvement, human rights and democratic values around the world.

THI – The Hellenic Initiative
www.thehellenicinitiative.org  – “committed to Greece for a better future”

Greek-Australian News and world news

Anagnostis E-Magazine

www.ausgreeknet.com – includes links to all newspapers in Greece.

Greek reporter
www.greekreporter.com – great site with local and world news.

e-kathimerini in English
www.ekathimerini.com – Greek news in English.

Keep talking Greece
www.keeptalkinggreece.com – Greek news in English

Neos Kosmos English edition  
www.neoskosmos.com – Greek-Australian news in English

The Guardian
www.theguardian.com/world/greece – European view on Greek news

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