AGM Minutes – 2015




Sunday 6 November 2015

Meeting open 2:30 p.m.


Committee members present

President                   Nick Lolatgis
Treasurer                   Christine Mastores-Davidson
Committee                 Michael Spartels
Committee                 George Stabelos
Committee                 Christine Dimer
Committee                 Michael Zervos
Committee                 Peter Coates
Committee                 Tony Lolas

Committee members apologies:
Jim Paltos – Vice President
Bronwyn Paltoglou – Committee
George Josephides – Committee

A further 18 club members were present and together with the 8 Committee members is a total of 26 club members present.
Apologies from the following club members:
George Dimer
Noel Leon
Marissa Leon


  1. President’s Report.
    The President NL opened the meeting at 2:30 p.m.
    NL called for 1 minutes silence for those members who passed
    away during the past year.
    NL welcomed all those members present to the 90th AGM.
    NL presented President’s Report and a copy was given to each attendee.
    Acceptance of President’s Report – Moved by Connie Gregory. Seconded by Peter Christofas.
  1. Previous AGM Meeting 12 October 2014.
    The minutes of the previous AGM were read out by the President NL.
    Motion for acceptance of these minutes –
    Moved by Andrew Capiris. Seconded by Tony Lolas.
    President noted that at the previous meeting no one offered to sit on the committee. Motion to support NL comments –  Moved by Nick Zervos. Seconded by Connie Gregory.
  1. Treasurer’s Report.
    The Treasurer’s report for the year ended 30 June 2015 was presented. Financial Statement was read out by Andrew Caripis.
    Motion for acceptance of Financial Statement –
    Moved by Andrew Capiris. Seconded by Yvonne Panagacos.

Noted that although Auditing is not a legal requirement the Club will continue to obtain an Auditor’s report.
Moved by Michael Spartels. Seconded by Connie Gregory.

  1. General Discussion.
    The President opened the meeting to general discussion by all members present. A common & major concern among the members is to the future operation and function of the Club with the following comments being raised:

(a) What is the “main purpose of the Club”?
(b) Evelyn Salvaris asked “where is the Club going”?
(c) Members expressed concern as to the future viability of the Club – Is the Club to be a sporting club, a social club, an historical club?
Should the club become a commercial operation?
How is it possible to operate in the future unless the youth become involved?
What club structure is required & necessary in order for the club to continue & to survive?
(d) NL presented a brief summary of the present committee’s endeavours and of past attempts by the club to address these concerns. NL noted that the first of our Pleasant Mornings in 2016 will be presented & focused by the youth  members of the club.
(e) NL assured the members that the present committee will totally focused on Club’s future.

Meeting closed at 4pm