Eulogy – Peter Augustes

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6/07/1931 – 25/09/2020


Today the eight grandchildren of Emmanuel Augustes and Flora Georgiou would like to pay their respects to our beloved Uncle Peter who died peacefully last Friday, the 25th of September, 2020.

The first and most immediate aspect of Peter was his sincerity and transparency; what you saw is what you got. He was a man of strong loyalties: to his family, his Kassie heritage, his football team, and his friends. We all know of Peter as a lovable larrikin, a man with an impish sense of humour who poked at pomposity and self-importance. He loved to have a punt and to have a beer, but after the death of his mother Flora, he was a lost soul, and these activities became a burden for him. Within a week he could win and lose enough money to buy a house. Later in his life when he knew that the opportunity to have his own family had passed him by, he sat his nephews down and told them not to indulge and burden their lives in the manner that he did. It was a salutary lesson for us all.

This episode shows, though never married, family was of the utmost importance to Peter. As with many families, there were disputes between brothers and sisters, parents and children, and Peter was the one who began the reconciliation and mediation. He knew when to intervene and speak his mind, but he also knew the value of prudent silence. One special family bond was the one between Peter and his step mother Ekaterini. She became Peter’s new mother and he was devoted to her and his father. After today’s service as a final act of his devotion in accordance with his wish, we will intern our uncle in the same grave as Ekaterini at the Cheltenham cemetery.

A visit to Peter’s house in St.Kilda and his final residence at the MECWA care facility in Prahran demonstrated all these loyalties. There were pictures of family covering his walls; of his nieces and nephews and their children, of his cousins Augustes, Jackomos, Livery, Conos, Xanthos; there were photos and maps of his beloved Kastellorizo. At his house in St.Kilda there was one entire bedroom devoted to Collingwood: posters, photos, and medallions adorned the room. When asked who his favourite players were, it was Bobby Rose and Peter Daicos.

Peter had two special friends: Dr. Spiro Moratis and Leo Brain. Leo was Peter’s football friend. For over sixty years they sat next to each other sharing a beer and the emotional highs and lows of being Collingwood supporters. He took great pride introducing Leo to his nephews when they joined the Social Club. Leo was a constant visitor when Peter was admitted to care and we thank him for his friendship with our uncle.

Spiro, or as Peter more commonly called him, “the Doc” was a friend of Peter’s from his early teens. Our Grandfather and Spiro’s father were the best of friends and this carried over with their children. Peter worked on Spiro’s garden, not for money but because he enjoyed it, and enjoyed Spiro’s company.

Peter was our last link to our Grandparents Greek migration experience and heritage. We will miss his humour and love. We wish him well for his final journey into God’s hands, and know he will be barracking for his family, his island, and the black and white.

Noel Augustes

Son of John Augustes, nephew of Peter Augustes