Inspiration for the Treasures Exhibition

As part of the Piers Festival in January 2015, a small exhibition of traditional Kastellorizian items, as well as a few items from other areas of Greece, curated by Connie Gregory, was held over several weeks at the Emerald Hill Heritage Centre, in South Melbourne.

Many positive comments were received, especially in relation to the Kastellorizian items, and the idea to curate a larger exhibition was born. The Treasures from Kastellorizo exhibition at the Kastellorizian Association of Victoria’s clubrooms, in August 2015, was the successful result. The exhibition was supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Harking back to the Piers Festival in January 2015, held at Princes Pier, Melbourne, the Greek-Australian Cultural League commissioned a video of Anthea Sideropoulos singing her own composition “Foreign Land” against the backdrop of the old pier. The song celebrates and thanks her parents who left their homeland for a new life in Australia, making sacrifices for their children.

It is a beautiful and haunting song. It is sung in Greek, but there is an English section half-way through, and the following is the translation.

Translation of “Foreign Land”
You’ve sailed across the oceans
With a suitcase in each hand
Your tears still fresh on your cheeks
As you both set foot in this foreign land
All the hardships you’ve endured
Unknown territory to persevere through
And in all the glory     And in the chaos

And in all the passion  And in all the pain
– You’ve taught me how to live –
Oh, in a foreign land
You did your best
The best that you can
You taught me how to live
Across the seas in a foreign land
And for this, I thank you ….