Membership information and rules

Please view our full constitution here for further information.

Who is eligible to be a member

  1. Membership of the Association is comprised of three types, being ordinary, associate and honorary life members. To be eligible––
  2. To be an ordinary member a person must be born in Kastellorizo, or be of Kastellorizian descent or married to or be the legally recognised partner to a person of Kastellorizian descent. Such members must be over the age of 18 years. Ordinary members are entitled to hold office and vote at elections.
  3. To be an associate member a person must support the purposes of the Association.
    Associate members have no voting rights and are not entitled to hold office.
  4. to be an honorary life member a person must be approved an honorary life member at a general meeting following the recommendation of the Committee. Honorary life members are entitled to hold office and vote at elections.

General rights of members

(1) A member of the Association who is entitled to vote has the right—
             (a) to receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions in the manner
           and time prescribed by these Rules; and
             (b) to submit items of business for consideration at a general meeting; and
             (c) to attend and be heard at general meetings; and
             (d) to vote at a general meeting; and
             (e) to have access to the minutes of general meetings and other documents of the Association
      as provided under rule 71; and
             (f) to inspect the register of members.

(2) A member is entitled to vote if—
             (a) the member is a member other than an associate member; and
             (b) more than 10 business days have passed since he/she became a member of the Association; and
             (c) the member’s membership rights are not suspended for any reason.

Rights not transferable
The rights of a member are not transferable and end when membership ceases.

Ceasing membership
(1) The membership of a person ceases on resignation, expulsion or death.
(2) If a person ceases to be a member of the Association, the Secretary must, as soon as practicable,
enter the date the person ceased to be a member in the register of members.

Resigning as a member
A member who has paid all moneys due and owing may resign from the Association by giving one
month’s notice in writing to the Secretary.

Grounds for taking disciplinary action
(1) The Association may take disciplinary action against a member in accordance with this Division if it is determined that the member—
           (a) has failed to comply with these Rules; or
           (b) refuses to support the purposes of the Association; or
           (c) has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the Association.
(2) The procedure for taking disciplinary action and the mechanism for appearance by members in respect of disciplinary action taken against them is set out in regulation 12 and Schedule 4 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012.