Our Partners

The Kastellorizian Association has a long history with both Fronditha and Pronia and were involved in the establishment of both organisations.  Both organisations provide services to Greek people in a culturally sensitive way.  Many Kazzies have held board positions at both Fronditha and Pronia, and these organisations support people from Kastellorizo as well as all other Greeks.

PRONIA is a non-government, non-profit, ethno-specific organisation that provides services to the Australian-Greek community at a state-wide level.

PRONIA has, over the last 46 years, built a considerable reputation as an innovative and progressive organisation that has served and continues to serve the community with integrity and distinction. It provides quality services and programs in the areas of community services, aged care, training and childcare by targeting individuals, families and the community in general to address their existing and emerging needs.

Fronditha Care has five aged care residential facilities and provides community services while helping fulfil our mission of providing their residents and clients with the individualised care they need and deserve. Fronditha Care is committed to being a premium leader in aged care. It is their desire to provide the facility of choice in any community in which they operate. Their programs, services and facilities are designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of their customers.