Greek Orthodox Calendar with Name Days

This page provides a list of the Greek Public Holidays and a guide to the Greek Name Days including the applicable Saint information.

Greek Public Holidays and Holy days for 2016

1 Jan – New Year’s Day (P)
6 Jan – Epiphany Day – Blessing of the Waters (P)
30 Jan – The Three Holy Hierarchs (O)
14 Mar – Clean Monday (P)
20 Mar – March Equinox (S)
25 Mar – 25th of March (P)
25 Mar – Annunciation of the Lord
29 Apr – Good Friday (P)
1 May – Easter Sunday (P)
1 May – Labor Day/May Day (P)
2 May –  Easter Monday (P)
20 Jun – Holy Spirit Monday (P)
20 Jun – June Solstice (S)
24 July – The Restoration of Democracy (O)
15 Aug – Dormition of the Holy Virgin (P)
22 Sep – September Equinox (S)
28 Oct – The Ochi Day (P)
17 Nov – Polytechneio (O)
21 Dec – December Solstice (S)
25 Dec – Christmas Day (P)
26 Dec – Synaxis of the Mother of God (P)

Legend: P = Public Holiday, S = Season, O = Observance

Greek Name Days for 2016 (Referral site for a complete list by month)

We have also retained the 2005 version of the Greek Calendar (including Name Days) as there has been no adequate replacement. Is is simple to read and most pictorial. You can click on the images below for more details (please note that January is currently missing).