Names and Namedays

Dionysius (“Wine”). In Greek mythology, the God of wine and revelry and one of the twelve Olympians. The saint converted and achieved sainthood by St Paul in Athens
Name day: 3rd October
Masculine: Dionysius, Dennis, Dean
Feminine: Denise, Dionysia

Elizabeth (“oath of god”). Wife of Zacarias and mother of John the Baptist and relative of Theotkos.
Name day: 5th September
Feminine: Elizabthe, Liz

Emmanuel (“God is with us”). The name applied to child Jesus.
Name day: Many celebrate at Christmas and also on the 2Oth of March
Masculine: Emmanuel, Manolis
Feminine: Emmanuela

Evegnia (“evegis” manners , fortunate, well born). Daughter of a Roman prefect. Learned of Christianity and was converted and entered a convent. She converted her father and siblings to Christianity. Suffered martyrdom.
Name day: 24 December
Masculine: Eugene
Feminine: Evgenia, Eugenia

Eustatios (“healthy, strong”). He is honoured with his wife Theopistia and two children Theopitios and Agapios.
Name day: 20th September
Masculine: Eustatios/Stathis
Feminine: Eustathia

Gregory (“watchful, vigilant”) Theologian and one of the patron saints of education. Unified the Church
Name day: 25th January
Masculine: Gregory, Greg

Julia (“Soft hair, fair complexion” ). Christian martyr to whom St Paul sent greetings
Name day: 18th May
Masculine: Julius
Feminine: Julia/Julie

Kyriaki (the Lords Day, Sunday) Customary for children born on Sunday to be named this. In Latin the name is Dominic, and Dominica. The saint had professed her faith to God rather than pagan Gods and gave her life for Christ.
Name day: 7 July
Masculine: Kyriakos, Jack
Feminine: Kyriaki, Sunday

Daniel (“God is my judge”).
Daniel in the Old Testament is the principle character in the Chapter. He was the wise minister to the Babylonian Kings and renowned faithful to the Jews.
Name day: December 17

David (“Beloved” – Hebrew translation).
Was a great worrier, author of many Psalms. Built and empire for his son Solomon and Fiounder of a famous line of Kings.
Name day: December 26

Lazarus (“Helper of God”).
Brother of Mary and Martha who Christ restored to life.
Name day: Sunday prior to Palm Sunday

Marina  (“Pearl”).
The Great Martyr “Megalomartyr” in Exoghi in town of Ithaca and numerous celebrations are held in Greece to honour her name day.
Name day: July 17.

Joakin (“The Lord is my Judge” – Hebrew translation).
Father of Theotokos,
Name day: September 9

Xenia (“Hospitable”).
Name day – January 24.