Philanthropic Purpose and Welfare

For almost 100 years ‘The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria’ has supported the welfare of Kastellorizians and Greeks in Victoria. In 1916 there were only about 500 Greeks in Melbourne (the majority at that time were from Ithaca). Soon after in 1925 the Kastellorizian Brotherhood formed, with philanthropic foundations. In those early years the Kastellorizian and other Greeks were a very small community in Melbourne. There were no government funded support services and Kazzies needed to rely on each other for emotional and practical support.   From the Brotherhood’s inception the membership provided Pauper’s Funerals, cared for unemployed or injured workers and cared for widows, amongst other philanthropic endeavours.

Mission Statement

The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria is committed to the support and welfare of diaspora Kastellorizians, Greeks and the wider community.  It supports the preservation of Kastellorizian heritage and the continuation of Greek culture as a part of our vibrant multicultural society. It encourages its youth to continue the traditions of the association in supporting those less fortunate in the spirit of the island’s symbol representing ‘faith, hope and charity’.

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