Events Calendar

A list of events planned for 2023 is below. Please note that online events such as Kazzie Connect are usually announced in the month prior. To stay up to date on all events presented by the KAV and the wider Kazzie community, please sign up to our newsletter.

In-person events
Events such as the annual Kastellorizian of the Year Award and our St Constantine and Helens Day celebration, raise funds and awareness for community groups in Australia and Kastellorizo, while bringing the Kastellorizian community together in Victoria. Our Seniors group holds events on the first Wednesday of every month, with the goal of facilitating social interaction for seniors in the community (travel and dining expenses are subsidised by the KAV, while our welfare officer regularly checks in on those attending and those not attending).

Online events
Our free, monthly ‘Kazzie Connect’ sessions on Zoom are part of our philanthropic goal to advance education within our community, while helping us stay more connected in a time of social distancing. These events feature experts and honourable guest speakers within the Kastellorizian-Victorian community, speaking on diverse topics. To view past Kazzie Connect events, click here.

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