The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria is proud to recommend the Castellorizo Genealogy website, The webmaster, Allan Cresswell has in the past visited our Association and conducted seminars on genealogy and how to get the best out of his site. All Kastellorizians should be grateful for the work he has done in creating this fantastic database. You will enjoy navigating this site, but be warned – the site is quite addictive.

Please note:
Access and registration are FREE. See below for access information.
The genealogy website uses the spelling with a “C” for Castellorizo.

The Castellorizo Genealogy website is a fantastic resource for all Kastellorizians to map their genealogy. If you visit the site you will be amazed at what is already on the site – many thousands of people, loads of photographs and albums and the site is easy to navigate. The site represents many years of research by the Webmaster, Allan (Agapitos) Cresswell, and is supported by the many contributors to this site.

Allan Cresswell is a long-serving member and former president of the  Castellorizian Association of Western Australia. He is highly regarded in the Kastellorizian community for the work he has put into building this site.

You are sure to find something on this site that will prove useful to your knowledge about your own family history, and you can add to it at any time, track your ancestors and descendents, and your relationship to other Kastellorizians.

This site has been constructed utilising information compiled and obtained over many years by both the Webmaster and numerous contributors. Much of the information has been obtained from newspaper, cemetery and official records which are often open for interpretation with resultant incorrect data being listed. Additional information and corrections are always appreciated and is acknowledged by way of listing the “Source” person.

Numerous photographs and media items can be viewed on this website and Allan Cresswell is always looking for additional photographs.

Allan is constantly uncovering new information and updating the pages, so check back periodically (see the What’s New page for the latest updates).


Note that access to this website is only available by either registering for full access, or logging in as a guest.

Registering – To have access to information on ALL individuals and ALL photos you are required to register. On the registration page please do indicate the reason for the access (ie. “My grandmother was an Xanthis”). Without some validation for your need to register, access to information on living persons will not be available. If you wish to have full access to the database, you will need to REGISTER HERE. Approval is then granted, when appropriate, usually within 24 hours.

If however you just wish to casually visit prior to registering you can gain access to ALL deceased individuals information and their photos. Under the registration tag at LOGIN just type USERNAME: guest & PASSWORD: guest (lower case).