About Us

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Where is Kastellorizo?

Kastellorizo also known as Megiste or Megisti, its ancient name, is the smallest inhabited Greek Island in the Dodecanese group, less than 5 km off the south coast of Turkey, about 100 km east of Rhodes. There are however many smaller islets in the area. Kastellorizo has been called different names in its history including, Castelrosso (the French called it Chateau-Roux), Castello Rosso or Castel Rosso, and Castel Ruggio. Its name was given by the medieval Knights of Rhodes and was inspired by its towering red cliffs rising from the sea which appear to be a medieval castle from a distance.

Why was the association formed?

The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria was originally established to help create a positive future for Kastellorizo recognising our proud heritage and giving something back to the island of our forbears.

Its aims are to promote, among Kastellorizians and their descendents in Victoria, the cultural heritage of Kastellorizo and its integration in to the multicultural society of the Australian Community.

This includes; the organisation of social functions to foster continued social interaction between families and friends of Kastellorizo, the promotion of cultural activities by organising lectures, exhibitions, recitals, musical evenings etc., tye promotion of academic and/or sporting excellence by awarding prizes and scholarships.

Our charter is also one which includes benevolence in the consideration of assistance to the restoration of historical sites in Kastellorizo and the Greek Aged Care facilities, in Australia, where possible. The Association raises funds from donations, rents, interest, social functions etc and is a non-profit organisation.

The Association publishes a newsletter with news and information about Kastellorizians and this is filled with news, family celebrations, articles on our culture, recipes etc.

We celebrate on or about the 21st May in each year the feast of St Constantine and St Helen patrons of Kastellorizo at which time we confer awards such as; the Kastellorizian of the Year, Kastellorizian Youth Achievement award and recognise the students who have completed their VCE studies.