The KAV Heritage Project

Many of you will be aware that the Heritage sub-committee is seeking to collect written and oral histories.  Imagine a collection of Kazzie digital archives that capture the joys and challenges of living and growing up in Australia in a post migration era. Imagine sharing your knowledge of these important stories with grandchildren, other family members or a Project Member that will form part of a rich collection - preserved for eternity. Now imagine future generations viewing the online videos, photographs and written stories as they re-connect and are inspired by our stories.  Because you made the time now, your family stories will be preserved for posterity. This is what we are looking for:

Can you remember stories about the joys and challenges of immigration?
The KAV Heritage sub-committee is now collecting written and oral histories of senior Kazzie's in Victoria. This is a ‘Call for Action’ to all Kazzes. We are looking for great insights into how our Kazzie’s established themselves in Victoria and are collecting personal, family or community stories that have been treasured by our families for decades. Remember experiencing or hearing stories about the journey, motivations, first impressions, challenges, family life or return visits? Remember the ideas, traditions, beliefs, feelings and motivations? Then we want to hear from you!  Your ideas are gold and we want to preserve them…any part that you wish to share your migration experience or 1st and 2nd generation experiences.

We especially would like to hear from those born in Kastellorizo and settled in Victoria and equally hear from Kazzie Seniors who would love for their family stories to be included in this collection by a KAV Heritage Project Member. Reach out to us also if you are a descendant of:

  • Early Kazzie arrivals (grandchildren could interview you!); or
  • Past Kazzie Seniors, now deceased, who served on the KAV board.

Capturing stories
Stories can be captured and recorded by completing a questionnaire; by phone; via an online platform (like Zoom); or face-to-face. For example, grandchildren could conduct conversations with grandparent/s on video, and where there are brothers and/or sisters of the same family they can be interviewed together on video, too. Our KAV Heritage Project Members are here to help, so they are another resource available to you.

Further information about the project and a questionnaire can be found here.  It is hoped that you will at least fill out this questionnaire which in itself is a valuable resource.

By filling out the questionnaire at least we will have a collection of stories.  If you then choose to participate in the interview process we can proceed with the video project, providing all is well with the COVID-19 situation.

Return of questionnaire:
Please arrange to have it scanned and sent to Florence Livery at with the subject line Heritage project or post to:

Heritage Project
Kastellorizian Association of Victoria Inc
PO Box 112, South Melbourne, 3205.

If you are prepared to proceed with the interview process this year, please also let us know at the same time.

The KAV Heritage sub-committee
Marcia Xenitelis (project leader), Phillippa Adgemis, Florence Livery, Freda Miriklis.