The Changing the Life of One Child 2021-2023

The Changing the Life of One Child 2021-2023 project is the KAV’s sustained effort to mentor youth in Kastellorizo over a 3-year commitment. The project is organised by THI Australia in conjunction with The Tipping Point and supports the island’s youth for the 2021-2023 academic years.

Bringing the world into the Santrapeia classrooms on Kastellorizo
The KAV has engaged The Tipping Point (TPP) through THI Australia to bring the world into the classroom of students attending the Santrapeia School on Kastellorizo. We are also proving an important opportunity for Kassie’s in Australia to align their interests with the interests of Kastellorizian students to help them broaden their outlook through online live interactive speaker sessions and mentoring from a diverse range of high-skilled professionals. 

The main goal for the KAV is to provide students from Kastellorizo the chance to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge by interacting with role models (mentors) from Australia and around the world.

Students have the opportunity to identify subject areas and professions they wish to learn about, and mentors are matched on that basis. With the use of technology, students conduct 20 – 30-minute live sessions with mentors around the world and discuss about different fields that they are interested in. Teachers and mentors receive guidance from The Tipping Point prior to the on-line sessions. This provides an added opportunity for Australian Kassie mentors to meet their mentee(s) when visiting Kastellorizo. 

The KAV’s initial grant of AU$2,700 assists with the participation costs for the school, including streaming, recording and storage, software maintenance and technical support for eight academic months, as well as training for the teachers managing the program during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Greek Australians most definitely value the importance of a good education and have benefitted from the high standard of the public education system in Australia. Kassie’s have long been guided by Faith, Hope and Charity and the philanthropic spirit of the Greek diaspora has been truly inspirational. 

We aim to engage and encourage Kazzies living in Australia of all ages to become mentors by helping to shape the future leaders of Kastellorizo. Planning to travel to Kastellorizo? Contact us and see how you can change the life of one child.