Kazzie Connect

Our monthly Kazzie Connect sessions on Zoom feature special guest speakers, and help keep us connected while we cannot physically get together. Videos of each event will be posted here.

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Please note that as videos will be uploaded to be viewed publicly, participants should block their camera and microphone if they do not wish to be seen or heard in videos. Please contact Carolyn at if you have any concerns regarding privacy.

Our first Kazzie Connect, featuring our correspondent from Greece, Emma Gavala

In this Kazzie Connect (held on September 10 2020), President Nik Spartels discusses the renovation and lease of the KAV's hall in South Melbourne, followed by a discussion with correspondent Emma Gavala about recent events in Kastellorizo concerning Turkey. 
Please note that due to privacy reasons we are not showing the faces of meeting participants in this particular video, and viewers may prefer to listen rather than watch in these sections where the discussion has been opened up.