Kastellorizian of the Year Awards

The KAV congratulates our 2023 Kastellorizian of the Year, Marilyn Tsolakis, for her services to the Kastellorizian community over the years.

The Kastellorizian of the Year Award was introduced in 1993, and identifies a person who has achieved excellence in their chosen field and brought honour to the Kastellorizan community. The successful awardee will be notified by 14 August 2023, and the award will be presented by the KAV President at the prestigious Annual KOY Dinner.

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KOY Application and Judging Process
For information about our judging process and application requirements, please view this document.
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2018 Basil Zempilas

2017 Christine Dimer

2016 Allan Cresswell

2014 James C. Manifis

2013 Mr Stathis E. Efstathis

2012 Michael N Spartels

2011 Nicholas C Nicholas

2010 Nicholas G. Pappas

2009 John B. Salvaris

2008 John Mangos

2007 Marika Bisas

2006 Theo Conos

2005 Ernest Hondros

2004 Nick Lolatgis

Full list of recipients from 1993 to present


1993     Nicholas Bolkus
1994     Michael G Kailis
1995     Byron Kakulas
1996     Katherine Georgouras
1997     Jack Bisas
1998     John A Kiosoglou
1999     Nicholas Patiniotis
2000     Jacob Fronistas
2001     Angelo Hatsatouris
2002     Kenneth Michael
2003     Spiro Moraitis
2004     Nicholas Lolatgis
2005     Ernie Hondros
2006     Theo Conos
2007     Marika Bisas
2008     John K Mangos

2009     John B Salvaris
2010     Nicholas G Pappas
2011      Nicholas C Nicholas
2012      Michael N Spartels
2013      Stathis E Efstathis
2014      James Manifis
2015      George Pappas
2016      Allan Creswell
2017      Christine Dimer
2018      Basil Zempilas
2019      Freda Miriklis
2020     not awarded due to COVID-19
2021     Andrew Liveris
2022     Lilliane Gomatos
2023     Marilyn Tsolakis