2011 – Nicholas C Nicholas

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Over several decades Mr Nicholas has given dedicated leadership and service to both the Hellenic Community and the Kastellorizian Association of Perth. He is a Life Member of the Hellenic Football Club, Life Member of the Hellenic Cricket Club and Hellenic Lawn Bowling Club. He has given voluntary service to the Kastellorizian Community since 1958. He was a member of the organising committee to welcome the Greek Olympic Team who trained in Perth in preparing for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. His leadership and hard work within the Kastellorizian Association has seen it grown to become a popular and robust organisation. Through his tireless efforts as committee member since 1983 and as President for over twelve years he worked with others to develop its social and financial success. Such is the strength of the organisation that the Kastellorizian Association of Perth are preparing on a week long programme to celebrate their 100 year centenary in May of 2012.


Nicholas was born and educated in Perth. He completed year 9 at Perth Boys High School but left school, aged 16 to commence work as a postage boy with Atkins WA Ltd working his way up to Credit Manager. Fourteen years later (1965), Nicholas took a position as Credit Manager at Gascoyne Trading (Wesfarmers Subsidiary). In 1978 he moved to Gordon and Gotch Ltd. as where he progressed to Special Projects and took up the role of State Manager of Golden Press P/L, a subsidiary of Gordon and Gotch Ltd. In 1987, he became Book Division Manager and in 1989 was appointed Stationery Division manager which operated successfully for seven years until it was closed down in 1996. Nicholas career at Gordon and Gotch spanned for 19 years and at 61 years of age took over as State Agent for Cumberland Stationery and Atsco (Aust) a Victorian company.

Not only has Nicholas achieved excellence in his career, he has a most outstanding record of active participation and community service within the Greek community of Western Australia. Nicholas’s interest in sport resulted in his 24 year participation in the Hellenic Cricket Club (1951-1975) and was a senior team Captain for 8 years. He was also a member of the Hellenic Football Club and played over 100 games. Nicholas is a life member of both the Cricket and Football Clubs. He also played and coached softball with Hellenic Men’s Softball team (1975). Nicholas was also a member and player with Philon Golf Club (1998- 2008) and was the Secretary from 2002 to 2008.Nicholas was a member of the Hellenic Youth Association (1951) and Hellenic Association Club (1956 to 1972). He is a current member of the Hellenic Community of WA (member since 1958) and the Castellorizian Association of WA Inc (Member since 1958).

Nicholas has been an active member within the Castellorizian Association of WA Inc for many years and was on the Committee of Management (1983 to 1985). In 1985 he took up a two year term as President. During 1985-87 Nicholas presided and organised a week of activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Association which included a World Conference of Castellorizian Associations and a Gala Dinner Dance. The event was recorded on video along with a historical record of the first 75 years published in Greek and English. During this time the Perth City Council commemorated the pathway in Russell Square (the park opposite the church) to Casteollorizian Association as a gift and named it”Megisti Promenade”.

1993 to 2003 Nicholas returned to the position of President and was faced with many challenges including declining membership and financial debt. The committee of six, under Nicholas’s Presidency assumed a caretaker roll and in 1994 the committee declined to five. Despite the small committee size, the entire debt was all paid off within six years.

On a social level, Nicholas and his Committee hosted a number of book launches: “Castellorizo an Illustrated History” (1994); “Embers of the Sea” and “Megisti I the Antipodes” (1995); “Orliff the Gentle Giant” (1997) and “The Knight’s Castle on Kastellorizo” (1999) with the authors in attendance. To keep the social momentum going, they held regular Friday Happy Hour with guest speakers. In 2002, Castellorizian Association of WA successfully nomination Kenneth Comninos Michael for The Kastellorizian of the Year and the Castellorizian Ladies “Megisti”/Castellorizian Association of WA also joined the wider Greek community and participated in the first Glendi held in Lake Street along with the second Glendi held in Russell Square.

Since retiring as President, Nicholas has remand active and is a Chairman of Trustee’ Castellorizian Association of WA Inc and is on the committee for the “Castellorizian Centenary 2012”. He has also been involved in a project researching the Greek Community and its people in Northbridge (1900 to 2010). This project was initiated by the Western Australian Premier.

Nicholas is married to married Mary Sertis in 1958, the second daughter of Paul and Despina Sertis. Nicholas and Mary have two children Constantine (1961) and Desiree (1965) and three Grandchildren: Lachlan, Mia, Ella.