The Origins of the Kastellorizian Costume

Geoffrey Conaghan, from the Askitis-Stavrianos family is a researcher and the wardrobe custodian of an intact wardrobe of nearly 100 items of his maternal great-grandmother Amirisa Hatsiagapitou-Askitis.

On Sunday April 14, 2019 at Kazzie Hall, Geoffrey enthralled nearly 70 members with his show and tell presentation of the costume pieces, their uses and changes over time, the origins of the textiles and fabrics and influences on the costume from past empires.

Informative, passionate, entertaining and witty, Geoffrey allowed us to step back in time and make an emotional and wiser connection with our forebears. To quote Geoffrey, these are not just clothes but pieces of history!

Sandra Wyatt (nee August) was in the audience and kindly offered her thoughts and reflections on the presentation. Please click here to read.

In the preceding weeks Neos Kosmos promoted the event and interviewed Geoffrey. Please click here and here for the interviews (the same interview but different photographs), and click here for Geoffrey’s corrected version.

Click here to look at Geoffrey’s PowerPoint demonstration.

Click here to look at a PowerPoint collection of Kastellorizian women, past and contemporary, wearing their costumes, including photographs of particular costume pieces donated to local museums; presented by Florence Livery as a prelude to Geoffrey’s talk.

Click here for Gallery pictures.