Proverbs and Sayings

Prota o Theos

– First be to God

Iskyia bednni

– One understands quickly

Then kutallavenni

– One doesn’t understand

Inei Ioikos

– One is sensible and logical

Usti thouyia bethemenni

-Leave the tricky situation as it is

Thosxa dto Theo

– Righteous with God

Kunei kalo nuth dti kalo

Do good, so good will come

Oti inei dto txhero

Whatever is meant to be

Yirise o tetsiras kai vrike dto kapaki

The pot rolled until it found it’s lid or that person found it’s match

Hpe o gharathos tin betino kefala

Look who’s talking or speak for yourself

I kalimera apt avgi fenete

A fine day from dawn shows itself

O kalos filos stin anarnghi fenetei

A true friend shows himself when needed

Dto krasi kai ta bethyia lene tin alithyia

Wine and children speak the turth

Liyga kai kala

Moderation is best

Mukriyia kai agapimena

Healthy distance and loving


The following Greek expressions and names

are commonly used and easily learned.

Some examples are particularly inspiring:-

At a Baptism or birth or 40 day blessing say:

“Na sas zisi” (May he/she live for you)

“Na zisi” ( May he/she live)

“Na mas zisi” ( May he/she live for us – note

this only said among family)

At Birthdays say:

“Chronia polla” (many years)

“Ke tou chronou” (and to the next year)

“Na ta ekatostisis” (may you live to be 100)

Bon Appetite:

“Kali orexi” (Good appetite/eating)

Christmas Greeting:

“Kala Christogena” (Good Christmas)

At a death or funeral say:

“Zoi se mas” ( Life to us – note this only said

among family)

“Syllypitiria” (condolences)

“O Theos na ton/tin sychoresi” (God forgive


“O Theos na ton/tin anapafsi” (God rest

his/her soul)

Easter Greetings:

“Kalo Pascha” (Happy Easter – note this said before Easter)

“Kali Anastasi” (Good Resurrection – note

this said after Good Friday Service)

“Christos Anesti” (Christ has risen – note this said after the Anastasi service) and the response :

“AliTHos anseti (Truly he is risen) or “AliThos o Kirios” (Truly the Lord)

At an Engagement say:

“Kala Stephana” ( Good crowning)”Sycharitiria” (Congratulations)

To ward of the Evil Eye say:

“Ptou Ptou” (Verbal substitute for spitting)

To wish one “Good Luck” say:

“Kali Tichi” (Good Luck)


“Yai Sou” (Hello/goodbye – informal)

“Cherete” (Hello/goodbye – formal)

Independence Day

“Zito Ellas” ( Long Live Greece)

“Zito I elefteria” (Long live liberty)

During Lent say:

“Kali Sarakosti” (Good Lent)

At a Marriage say:

“Na zisete eftychismeni” (Live happily)

“Na zisete” (Long life)

“Na mas zisete” (May they live for us – note

this said among family)

“Sycharitiria” (Congratulations)

“Ke sta thika sou” (and to yours (wedding) –

said to single women and men)

“Ke sta pethia sou/sas” (May your children

get married and to theirs)

At a Memorial Service or Saturday of Souls say:

“Eonia I mnimi” (External be his/her memory)

See also “death”

When a misfortune occurs:

“Esti itan grumeno” (that’s the way it is written)

A Nameday say:

Chronia polla” (many years)

“Ke tou chronou” (and to the next year)

During New Year say:

Chronia polla” (many years)

“Ke tou chronou” (and to the next year)

To a pregnant woman say:

“Kali leftheria” ( Safe delivery)

When someone sneezes say:

“Yia Sou” (To your health – formal/informal)


“Etsi ketsi”

For toasts say one of the following:

“”Yia Sou” (To your health – formal/informal)

“Is iyian” (To your health)

“Yia chara” (Health and joy)

To avoid a problem say:

“Hitpa Xsilo” (Knock on wood)

“Fayi kripsei, thougyra min kripsis”

“Kayrei aygra para potei”

Translates as “better late than never”

“Kali nikokyra, blin pinusi mayieuri”

Means the good housewife before hunger she cooks

 “To ema, neor then yinete”

Blood cannot become water as blood is thicker than water.

 “Yaitrepse ta pathi sou, ke ystera ta thika mou”

Means mend your own faults, and then look at mine.

 “Apo to stoma sou, stin theou to afti”

Translates as “from your mouth to God’s ears”.

Bon Voyage say:

“Kalo Taksidi”

Expression of joy say:

“Opa” (Yippee!!!!!!)