The Kastellorizian culture is a rich one. In the early days it was famous for the traditions of its inhabitants. Beautiful, rich and magnificent was the women’s dress, of at least three different types. It was made with brilliantly coloured fabric, and several necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings with ancient Venetian or Byzantines gold coins completed the dress.

The observance to customs continues today with many weddings, christenings  and funerals. These reflect our character and origins regardless of where we reside. We will continue to cherish the that make us unique; the traditional wedding songs, Greek Easter – it’s significance and other treasures that are passed down through the generations.

Our food is an important part of who we are. Greek food is well-known in Australian culture however Kazzie food can be differ and include dishes that are not normally part of the Greek cuisine. Kazzie sweets, can be unique. Katoumaria is a ‘labour of love’ and, although time-consuming in preparation, remains a favourite today.

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