George Stabelos Presentation – April 2016

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Dr George Stabelos presentation and talk at Pleasant Sunday Afternoon at the Club on 10th April 2016.

The topic of Dr George Stabelos’ presentation was: “Kazzie Clubs in Australia – Building a Better Future”. Dr Stabelos gave a similar presentation at the Kastellorizian Council of Australia conference in Brisbane in January 2016, to much acclaim.

The multimedia presentation at our clubrooms in April 2016, was very well received, and thought provoking. Many topics were raised; including the long-standing question of what can we do to get our youth involved. Dr Stabelos reiterated the President’s statement that ideas are not enough; we need more than ideas, we need workers.

Let us hope that the inspiring presentation will bear some fruit and take our club to the next step in cementing the value of our shared heritage to the younger generation and help them to build on what we have already achieved.