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Kastellorizian of the Year 2016 an inspirational role model
(For Allan Cresswell’s background see this article.)

The Kastellorizian of the Year (KOY), Perth genealogist, Mr Allan Cresswell, in accepting his award at the annual KOY dinner (held at Yianni’s Tavern on Saturday October 8, 2016) said that of all the Kastellorizian and non-Kastellorizian projects he has been involved in over the years, that he believed his most important project is the genealogy website: http://www.castellorizo.org which records the genealogy of Kastellorizian people.

“I will not go into detail as to how this website evolved since 2007, but suffice to say, this site and my ongoing research took place because of the support provided by the Kastellorizian Association of Victoria (KAV), and the Kastellorizian community in Melbourne, particularly following an invitation from the KAV to conduct a seminar here in Melbourne in 2009. The genealogy website has grown dramatically since then. It is therefore fitting that it is in Melbourne that I am presented with this award,” said Mr Cresswell.

“In many ways this award is also a recognition and acknowledgement to all the contributors and supporters of the project, and I thank them all for this support,” he said.

The site, which grew out of Mr Cresswell’s own family history in honor of his mother, at last count had 28,429 persons recorded with 386,742 unique visits since 2007, but since the publicity surrounding the award many new people have come forward to join in the project.

Dr Nick Lolatgis, President of the KAV, in presenting the award, said: “The enormity of the task that Allan set for himself, and his determination to carry it through is a remarkable, excellent, and honourable achievement. It is a true inspiration to all in that anything is possible if you truly commit to it. Certainly he is also an inspirational role model for Kastellorizians to honour their families and their history.”

The KOY Dinner at Yianni’s was well-attended and a great success. Allan Cresswell’s wife Jean attended and also his daughter Jodi Bavin.